07 Ethan’s View

Dad gave me these nice mini buns to eat as an ‘express breakfast’ and we left Goroyeo Hotel. We found the bicycle path and headed to Hahoe village, a 600 year-old village, with some people still calling that place their home. We had a nice morning ride and rode to a small man made waterfall, but it was still nice to see the water. Water makes you relaxed. Just look at the gif below.We also passed small bridges , and many farmers drying a type of wheat, which daddy thought was barley.

There were also mini hills abut I was much better after the big hill and I could do it!

We passed through many farmlands too along the way to Hahoe Village. We picked apples along the way and they were good! Just before our destination , we saw a bus that looked just like my Toy bus at home

. We quickly took a picture and we cycled on to Hahoe Village.Finally, we arrived in Hahoe village. Well, not really it, we arrived opposite of it . Daddy’s Garmin said to take a ferry and we did just that.Even though it was a short ride, it was very thrilling. We arrived at Hahoe village and explored it. We saw a cafe too!

The houses were nice! It was amazing to see people still living in them.It was cool to see The houses also had Ethan sized doors , and daddy explained to me why people were so short those days .I thought a kid owned the house!When we made a half round around the village and then we looped back and we saw a swing!

And yes, That’s me running to see the swing! I never knew people 600 years ago knew how to make strong, sturdy and fun swings ! I was upside down 180 degrees ! It was so fun that I did not want to go ! Daddy had to peel me off the swing . It was time to go and we said goodbye and boarded the ferry back.

We unlocked our bikes and went off to find

lunch nearby. On the way to lunch, daddy wanted to go to a Nonghyup , South Korea’s Bank ,convenience store and petrol station. The men who worked at the shop were very nice and they gave us a free jacket! We found seaweed and sauce but not rice so we decided to go into town across the river to find food. We found a supermarket and a restaurant nearby. We ate at the restaurant and it was good!

After lunch ,we went to the supermarket to get supplies and we got garlic curry and otogi rice. When shopping time was finished ,we hit the road again to sangju, where we started our Andong detour a while ago. Daddy took many pictures of me, especially near the crops .

There was a short broad walk and we followed the seaside for a while.I kept on telling daddy those mountains were drawn by God but he never listened to me…This is another broad walk , and daddy took a selfie!Whenever I am at the back by myself, I will always talk to myself , and daddy says that’s what makes me happy. We saw some persimmon trees and daddy wanted to pick it because it was persimmon season and he loved them . We saw a few but they were all not so ripe a. We picked the sweetest of them all and we picked them. We were supposed to wait for them to ripen but daddy was too impatient and we thew one into the drain. We have one more persimmon in my bag still . Later on, daddy found a riper tree and picked persimmons from it.The mountains here don’t look like their painted though.We cycled through the countryside , enjoying our time here.We reconnected with the Nangkongdang River and followed it to Busan .We passed a place we’ve seen before and thought it would be a nice place to camp since people pay to camp here in the the summer. We cycled in and saw that this was a place with lots of amenities! They had power sockets too! There was a trailor toilet and next to it were water bikes .Daddy pitched our tent very nicely and got creative by using fire extinguishers as a weight for the tent.This below is a panorama of our campsite.We were lucky we came early so we could take photos when it was still bright.We cooked up the garlic stew we bought and the rice. It was so good ! The stew stuck on my mouth and daddy had to scrub it off .

We skipped P2P today as daddy was too tired and he needed to do some planning. I slept because I was sleepy. Good night daddy! I cannot wait for tomorrow !

06 Ethan’s View

Today was more or less a rest day. We packed up our tent and today, daddy had a plan. Just before we left, I saw a box and out of curiosity , I opened it. Inside were free postcards that we took to write to Talia. We hoped it would get to Singapore though, so we took to incase.


The Postcard did get to Talia, Just one year after we wrote it. It was stamped 1.11.2019 , and went by surface mail!

We will post a picture of it soon!

We started with an incline, but I was fresh in the morning so I conquered it. We cycled down past a amusement park, that I assumed was only used for summer, and we hit the main road. At the rate we were going , we would have ended too early! So daddy came up with a plan…

    1. We would go to

Sangju Bus Terminal

    and take the bus to Andong Bus Terminal where we would cycle down a trail . (We took a bus because it was uphill to Andong.
    We would cycled down and take a detour which would take 2 days, otherwise, our trip would end too early!
    We would cycle down and visit Korea’s oldest village; Hahoe village
  • 4. We will follow the trail down to busan and get back on track!
  • I was happy with taking a bus as it was my first time in Korea so I said yes! We cycled to Sangju and on the way , we went through a tunnel! This was because there were trains above crossing . After we arrived at Sanju bus terminal, we booked our bus tickets and the bus arrived at 1245hours. Along the way we saw our first Paris Baguette! I was really excited and keen to try it . We bought bread, jelly sticks and a cold Matcha Latte.
  • We had a great time and I kept on telling daddy that we would be late. Daddy eventually left at 1225 and we headed for the bus terminal. We packed up our bikes and it was 1248 . The bus was supposed to leave at 1245.The bus driver was crazy! He overtook cars and went really fast on the expressway. In South Korea, vehicles go much faster and their traffic rules are different. We put our bikes in the luggage area as shown below.we had an enjoyable 2 hour ride to Andong. Daddy slept while I enjoyed the Jeju matcha Latte that we bought . When the relaxing bus ride was over, We got on our bikes and we cycled to the stamp booth.
  • We also walked on Korea’s longest walking bridge where we ate our fresh apple we picked a few days ago. We ate the apple and decided to find a hotel here instead as we would not make it in time to the next town. We stayed at Goroyeo Hotel , as it was one of the best in town. Daddy kept on calling it gorilla hotel! We walked to a beef place because in our whole time in South Korea, we did not have beef!we had short ribs . Later on , we ordered an extra garlic beef . We ate till we were full and the whole dinner cost $94.98 or 78000 Korean Won . After the dinner , we went to CU and 7-11 to get breakfast . We also FaceTimed mummy to show her our room with a PC . Daddy even washed our bikes in the bathroom!I took a video of him. I don’t know if he knows about this though… We slept soundly and were too tired to do the P2P . We would just have to wait till tomorrow.

05 Ethan’s View

I woke up first , looking at daddy then getting a drink. He must have seen me , because the next moment , he asked me what time it was and I boldly replied, “9.00am isdy* “. Daddy suddenly woke up and started washing up and putting on the cycling clothes.We checked out of the motel and looked for a mini-mart (KOREA-> GS25,CU,7-11) but we could only find this older one called OK Mart.

Isdy said :”I am OK with OK mart !” I said yes and we happily went in to check it out.

We found hot chocolate and a coffee and a instant noodles that lots of people ate. ( instant noodles in Korea can be very hot ) we had a good breakfast then we proceeded to look at the old station .

We saw rail bikes and we wanted to ride them but daddy said later. I could not wait, but I had to. Patience Ethan! We took a picture with the waterfall instead.

We saw rail bikes and we wanted to ride them but daddy said later. I could not wait, but I had to. Patience Ethan!

Daddy wanted a picture so I took it for him.

We followed the path and saw some other cyclist going the same way from Seoul to Busan . We followed them for a while and we experienced cycling in a group for a while! They stopped to check something while we continued to our destination, The rail car! We arrived at the station, where our certification center was. There were cats there too!

We fed them some of our food and from then on, we called the food “cat food”! We looked around and saw that the station was empty! The railway hotel that we wanted to go to was also closed. We were puzzled and daddy checked his Naver maps and saw that there was another station 2 km away. We cycled there and we got the railcar! It was incredible!

It was electric so it was fun and easy to ride too!

At the end of the section of the track was a turn table. There were also cool displays on the tunnels .

It was almost like driving a train !

We had so much fun and almost forgot the time! It was nearly lunch! Daddy hurried me on and I could not look at the old railcar (😢) and we went over for a bite at the café on the other side. We had a quick waffle and a coffee. We ended up not really eating lunch! We totally forgot about it. We cycled through the countryside and saw many farms with workers.

I did fall too, and I dented the helmet a bit. daddy managed to fix everything and even had some tape, but just temporary tape. We cycled to our campsite around 12km from my fall. It was very hilly just before it and had a steep switchback. As you know, when there is a steep hill, there is a nice slope. We zoomed down the slope and passed a restaurant where we realised that this is a town. We planed beforehand to go to the campsite and then we would go to eat. The town was very deserted though, and there were not many lights. It enlightened us when we found a family owned convenience store (CVS) and inside the CVS we bought spam and a Korean TV show inspired drink (Pororo) and the lady told us that the restaurant was closed. We then were left with only one choice; to cook our own dinner. We found a nice place to camp and it was on a wooden board that we liked. We pitched up the tent and I went to the toilet to check it out. Inside the toilet, it was the Japanese Type and I was overjoyed! I did a poo and then washed my butt and aired it with the child mode. I told daddy and he was happy too. We had dinner which was macoroni and cheese and it was a great dinner!We also had sausages. We had mustard to go with it too! We also used daddy’s spork. This was after we added the cheese…Daddy was hungry so he fried up more spam and ate it. I tried a bite too! We finished our simple but great dinner and we wrapped things up for today.

In the tent, we did a very special P2P and we had portable Holy Communion. It was my first time! I went to sleep thinking about that night’s Holy Communion…


04 Ethan’s View*️⃣

We packed up our camping tent today , just like we would do in east coast park. Daddy rolled up the tent very nicely too! We passed the spa we saw yesterday’s and turned to the bike path which went through a farm. At a turn, We passed a small bridge. I really think there should have been a risk of bike falling off the cliff sign! We then felt tired and decided to take a stop at the nearby CU store(convenience store) . We had not-so-instant udon and a ‘green tea-coffee’ (daddy thought it was green tea but was actually coffee! We went back on the trail and went through the countryside area of Korea. After a morning cycle , we stopped at a town ,and we had lunch! Lunch was BBQ pork with carrots and onions in a nice sauce. We also had a type of soup which daddy gave me as an appetizer. I felt sleepy after lunch, so I lied on daddy and slept. When I woke up, daddy wanted us to go not to sleep but I was like:No daddy, I want to sleep… but daddy pushed me hard and I eventually woke up.

“No daddy, I want to sleep… but daddy pushed me hard and I eventually woke up . ”

  • We then went on a road and went uphill for a while. Then it was a descent. That seemed like a challenge but after the day I nearly forgot about it as there was a super steep hill (6km about 490m up) . We passed that and before the steep hill, daddy checked if this was the right way. We came upon the steep hill . We did not know beforehand that this was it. We. spent an hour on the hill , and I kept panting ok…ok…ok… and daddy was very encouraging. After the first hill, we had a very easy descent as we went down the first hill. Then , we came upon the second hill, were we did not stop to walk. It was 10% incline for 6km. We finally reached the rest area and we were super satisfied with ourselves. The elevation is shown below shown is what I climbed. The picture was taken from an app.We then had a easy descent and our maximum speed was 41 km/h ! That’s like a bus going at a medium speed.(bus simulator 2017 ) We cycled on as it was getting dark. In South Korea , it generally gets dark at 6p.m. and we spent a while on the incline. We checked out the spa first and enjoyed it. Inside, they placed the mats wrongly and it hurt a bit when you are on them so I thought about this…It was very kiasu but it worked! The spa was good and we totally forgot about the station . However, that would wait for tomorrow. After the spa , we met a nice lady who knew English and she told us what the restaurant sold we decided to have the beef because we had pork for lunch. To our dismay, the beef shop was closed . We then went to the 24hour shop which had pork stew. We ate the scrumptious pork stew and wrapped up our day. We now had one last task to do, find a motel. Because the spa was in a back road, we had to go through a motel parking lot , and I saw that motel was a decent one, we stayed there. The room was a bit old but nice and we had a goodnight’s sleep. We did our P2P and went to sleep. Daddy continued to be awake and he checked out our route to cycle.
  • what we did in our P2P today:we talked a lot about peer pressure and used the play-do that I had been carrying around. Ethan learned that he would soon be pressured to do things he may think is wrong and he needs to decide now what he will do when the time comes.

  • I decided to give daddy the Caring Daddy Award 🥇 as he as been so loving to me. He would even sacrifice his sleep time to plan our route tomorrow. I love you daddy!
  • 03 Ethan’s View *️⃣

    We woke up with the early morning mist. It was hard to leave our beautiful hotel, but we managed to get on the road by around 8:00 am. We continued down the bike path but we did not follow the line. I was glad we woke up and managed to hit the road early in the morning. We saw the beautiful early morning scenery. We planned to go to the next small town near a dam called Ipobo. There was a certification center there too. We passed a mountain covered in the mist just before Ipobo. We reached the town and we saw a 7-11 but it was closed . We also stamped our stamps at the red booth. We continued on to a café and Daddy did not know what he ordered. It was actually a Korean dessert! At the cafe They had a vintage phone we could play with. We finished up with the cafe and we cycled down the path to our next destination. We passed by a stamp booth and we stamped our stamps there. there was a fierce guard who saw a person riding illegally and shouted at him in the top of his voice! He also helped us with the pressurized pump! We cycled down by the river for a while and decided to have lunch. Lunch was really big!After lunch, we continued down the town and found a camping place! People were also riding ATV’s there . We decided to camp at the next destination. There was a turn to the bridge and our stamp box was there! I nearly missed it! We stamped our passports and crossed the bridge.After the bridge, There was a 21% incline slope that nobody was allowed tho ride down. We pushed our bikes instead. After that , there were a lot of mosquitoes! They find not bite me but we’re really annoying ! There was a long stretch of non-stop road , and we rode it over a bridge ! We cycled up a short mountain and saw a tiny bus stop! We stopped there for a break too! We arrived at the next town and we saw a spa area and we went in. Just before that , we went to a cafe to have a break. We also saw cats there. The spa was really nice and had water that was not too hot and not too cold (39-42 degrees) and very cold water!(5-10 degrees) we had a realizing time at the spa and then headed to the lounge where I wrote yesterday’s blog. Yes, that was me writing my blog ! We went to the camping area and pitched our tent . Actually, this was just a park. We could not find a real camping area. Tomorrow we would see a small one. The cycling today made me so tired we did not do P2P and I went to sleep before daddy went to the toilet! I had a great day , and the spa made me so sleepy…

    02 Ethan’s View*️⃣

    Did you press P2P on another blog post and it lead you here? Go to the bottom of the page and find the words in bold .

    We slowly woke up today, even when I was washing up I was only half awake, But Daddy insisted me to do things faster, so I quickly wore my clothes and we went down to the café to have breakfast. When we took a glance across the road, we saw that the café was closed and we walked to the other café opposite the GS25 mini store we went yesterday . That was where we could have breakfast. The Café(Seattle) was empty , so we decided to take our bikes down to the cafe . After we checked out of Apple Motel, we cycled down to Seattle café and ordered a bagel and a Green Tea Latte. The cafe was cool ! The lights were arranged in Pipes!The counter was decorated with plants too.

    we Then packed up and headed to the Bike path . Along the way, we saw electric bicycle rental Pods . In Singapore , They have not developed anything like this although plans are being made . we cycled on and on the way , saw many children playing soccer . There was also a big event with lots of day campers . After that , we came upon something special , a bicycle roundabout ! After that , it was very very confusing after that , and initially daddy went the wrong way . We U-turned and cycled up to a spectacular view .

    After that, I spotted a sign for the certification center and we stamped our papers there.

    I spotted a sign for landmarks and we took a quick glance at it.

    Then we went up a steep incline and we crossed a bridge with trains ! we crossed that bridge with trains and went down a glass lift . At the bottom of it , there was a nice mini electric car . We went down the track towards the bicycle park. At the bicycle park, we stamped our stamps and went to the mini stop.Daddy said we should stop for a break , so we did. outside the mini-stop was nice too! After this break, we headed to Nungane (20km) where we could see the abandoned railway line . We cycled down the path to face a steep 8.3% incline that lasted for about then minutes . After that, we were rewarded with a downhill stretch. During that part I was cruising at a speed of 40km/h . We cycled down the river . After a while we saw helicopters! I think this was some form of military training as there were people sky-diving. We continued on past a small bridge . Shortly after , we spotted an observation deck but we decided to continue on as we wanted to see Nungnae because there was an abandoned railroad there . We cycled up a 7% incline to a bridge where we crossed the river . I then zoomed down a 10% incline down the bridge and we cycled on . Soon after, there was a special bicycle crossing . Next to it was a fancy restaurant . We crossed the bicycle crossing and went straight up a short 7% incline. At the top , we saw some old train tracks and we realised we were following the old abandoned train track. We would follow this train for the rest of the day and use its old tunnels. we cycled in the small train town called Nungane . They had a small old train which was converted into a restaurant but it was closed.

    The door could open too!

    We then ate a pancake and noodles (which I did not like) and we explored the old station . They even left a timetable there!we continued down to follow the abandoned railway.The old railway followed the new KTX Line. We even saw and old bridge! we saw sections of the old track, part of its bridges and we even went in some of its old tunnels.

    We continued down the beautiful trail and there was another bike crossing! After We went through about 3 tunnels , I was quite happy alongside the train tracks when suddenly , I realised daddy’s trailer tyre looked funny, and I called for a stop. It did not take us long to find out that daddy’s tyre was punctured. We decided to carry on until we found a rest stop or a bike shop where we could take a look at it. Even if we did not find a place, we would continue on to our nice motel. We went through a tunnel and we came to a junction and with quick thinking, saw the rest of the bike path . I predicted we would come a across some more of these confusing junctions and we did! At the next junction , daddy decided to stop at the train station and take a look at the tyre. he tried to fix it and went to the toilet multiple times to find the puncture but to no avail. Google eyes!

    Daddy found the thorn that punctured the tyre !

    We continued down to our motel, and we went through this very nice art tunnel . There were interesting lights (not on) inside the tunnel and at the end , there was and old train, just like the one in Nungane . Soon after the train, we passed and small bridge and went on a slope with giant bumps . Suddenly , Daddy stopped and checked his Naver Maps and saw that our Motel was down that bridge. We went past it and found our motel .

    The motel was great !Daddy bought stew and a spicy thing that ‘killed’ him ,and we cooked there . It did not seem like a motel at all ! (I think I said that like 5 times ). Daddy eventually fixed the tyre when I entered the bathtub . We had a long and relaxing bath and had our P2P session, a time where me and daddy talk about things about turning into a teenager . We also did a fun activity! We ended the day with our bicycle tires fixed , and that we found this nice motel!

    Copyright 2018•

    01 Ethan’s View *️⃣

    Today was a late start, we started at around 10:00am.Before we left our hotel, I grabbed a free cup of non-fizzy grape slushi. Daddy and me rode over to the Ara waterway where the path was and headed to the passport collection center! To our surprise , the lady told us that they were sold out. As a substitute, we got a piece of paper and stamped our first stamp in Seoul . Before we stopped for lunch, we saw an interesting playground with a ‘bike’ facility. Daddy was interested when I said the word bike and decided to go and check out the playground. We cycled for about 17 km when we stopped for lunch at a nice van and a nice lady. I ate instant noodles carefully made out of a aluminum bowl. Daddy ordered rice cakes in kimchi sauce. After 20 km, we passed this bumpy bridge . when we were about to turn left onto the cycling path, I saw a sign for the 2nd stamp of our paper. We quickly stamped our paper . I was Very surprised there was a door ! We followed down the trail which had many bridges ( for cars ) . Those bridges had beautiful lifts . While I was eying at the lifts, daddy saw me and decided to take a ride on the next lift . After a kilometer or so, we spotted a nice glass lift with a viewing point at the top . When we finished our quick stop, we continued our journey down the bike path. when we came onto the next junction, daddy confidently turned right and we continued on pass the bridge. Suddenly daddy stopped and looked at his Garmin GPS and his phone. He realised we had taken a wrong turn and we backtracked to the fork where we made a right. After a good cycle, Daddy saw this cool glass lift and we decided to check it out . Before I went up the lift , something yellow caught my eye and I went closer to see what it was . I realized it was a Korean OBike ! It was nice to see something from Singapore. the lift was so nice ! It even had a air conditioner inside. I tried to turn it on but the switch was too high. We followed the trail on past a garden with pink and purple flowers . After the garden , we entered a small town , Yeoido. After a while of cycling, we stopped a playground with a mini-roller coaster. we walked to the nearby mini-mart to get a snack. We decided to go to the spa/resort. After cycling for a bit, we almost had no hope of finding the stamping booth. However , I saw a sgin where I could stamp my paper and we stamped our paper here . We cycled on to cross the bridge . Before that bridge, we saw a green bridge full of trains ! we then continued on to figure out how to cross the bridge to go to our accommodation . We found it and daddy laughed at it .

    I Guess daddy thought it was very ‘Ah Beng’ . We then crossed the road to see the place. Daddy was quite worried that we could not park out bikes. Luckily , that problem was solved! The place was closed for renovations till the 20 of October . We then went to find a motel . we saw some of them, but they were very unwelcoming . I then recognized a nicer motel by the name of sky motel . We entered and asked for a room but the old lady did not want to let us stay because of the bikes. We walked to the motel next to it called Apple Motel. The lady at the clerks desk was happy to let us stay and we got a room. Today was a great day , and we decided to end it off with a nice dinner.

    We did not even need to order! after dinner daddy went to get a can of gas at GS25(convenience store )and we got ourselves a treat too! we reviewed our trip and realised we had cycled more than we expected ! we the settled for a good nights sleep and got ready for tomorrow!