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COVID-19 Update!

Its Been about 2 years since we have finished Our ride.

I have seen many places that we travelled to, turn into Ghost town’s. One Example is Daegu . Cases Surged there, and South Korea was engulfed by it.

In Singapore, the government has been tackling it well, and we are now going through something called a Circuit Breaker. Its Like a Lockdown, But not so serious.

Everyone’s Lives have changed. It Really Does not Matter where you are. Town’s Countries and cities have all Changed. New York. Seoul. Bangkok. Berlin.London. wherever you may be, the Coronavirus has definitely changed your daily life.

But don’t forget that you should still exercise ( if possible ), take a breath outside and connect with your friends through video calling.

Don’t get yourself too bored.

I have found a Drink I wanted to make, (here) and even started a telegram channel that Bring you news from CNN, Straits Times, SCMP , CNA and Mothership all to you in one Place!

I Hope all of you are well, and make sure to #staysafe Wash your hands and only go out when neccecary!

Ethan’s View 2: The next cycling trip!

At the end of this amazing cycling trip, daddy said that we should go on another cycling trip following a river in Europe. The route crossed 4 countries , Germany(5d), Austria(10d), Slovakia(23h) and Hungary(4d).

And that has become a reality! The whole Liew Family has went on the Danube trip, for about 14 days. we had visited many countries, learning about WWII history, How its like to live in Europe and getting to try the local food.

read about the new blog and find out more here.

See you in the next blog!

Ethan’s Final Review

I really will treasure this trip with me and daddy, it means a lot for us. We bonded together for the whole day (except the toilets) and we learned about each other. The combination was great for us – Train and Bike. I personally think that every Kid at this age should have a retreat like this.

” I really treasure this trip with daddy, and I will always remember it. Forever”

Korail 2: Ethan’s View

I rose slowly from Toyoko-Inn , only really rising when daddy said train. We grabbed a juice and coffee before going off to Boejon station.

We arrived at Boejon station. We saw our Mugunghwa Train! We immediately went to car 4 and placed our bikes there . Our train looked liked the KTM!That was a nicer car. We also had a eating car that was not in operation.The doors in the newer car looked different to the ones in the older cars.I wrote a postcard to Tally and we would mail it to her soon.The eating car door shown above. placeholder://This is a walk through of the eating car.The newer car interior looked nicer compared to the older one. placeholder://I also did a walk through video of the newer car. The Toilet was also noticeably nicer.

The doors of the newer cars are much nicer. placeholder://aokplaceholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://

12 Ethan’s View ( ❗️LAST DAY❗️ )

Yay! We were off to a great start to the end of our bike trip! But not the end of Korea. It was a nice cycle through the city, and we went through two major bridges. I was anxious to finish the last day! We passed a nice sculpture and took a picture of it!

We finally reached the certification center, it was in a park which had a mini amphitheater. The place has a selfie area! So cool! Daddy took so many pictures. It felt like an hour! We ride from there to our hotel (Toyoko Inn) at Busan station. We had a break there and had ramen and tonkatsu. We went to the ticketing station to book our Mugunghwa train to Seoul.

We saw a free booth and we went to the lady who (thank goodness) spoke simple English. Daddy sat down to talk to her while I saw a brochure of a KTX. I took out a extra piece of paper at the bottom of the bag that I kept. It was calming and I was finally finished with cycling …

Then as I finished the drawing and was going to try to read the KTX map, Daddy called me and he explained to me the situation. The mugunghua trains that departed from here could not take bikes. The lady then explained to us we could take bus up or we could cycle to the next station where the mugunghua trains can take bikes. Little did we know there was a train called the E train which would go to Seoul . But in the end , I felt that this way was the best . The station where the train would end would stick to me for a Long time … . She said we could go to boejon station and take it Cheongnangyi in Seoul. Later made plans En- Route to make Cheongnangyi the main station for us. It had many metro lines and a wide variety of trains were some of the reasons.

We decided to get a KORAIL pass to make the journey easier. We booked the train with no extra cost and headed to the hotel to cancel our booking and change it to the other toyoko inn nearer to the station. We made a online reservation as there was a promotion in all the hotels (Toyoko Inn Busan) and we got a 20% discount. We used the mode of transport we used for the last 12 days to the hotel. But in the city, things were different and daddy took extra caution .

Halfway, we saw a lady who was selling things on a motorised scooter! Not too far away, a McDonald’s was in sight! It was the first I saw in Korea. We passed through tunnels under Gancheon (where we would later go) and Busan tunnel . After Cycling out of the main part (I think) we finally arrived at the hotel. We got a Room and then after asking the lady how we should go to Gancheon village. She recommend us to take a bus, and so we did. There were bus bells on the ceiling !

We arrived at the village and got a matcha ice cream and a Korean snack that daddy liked. We later found out that the residents fled here during the Korean War. It was in the hillside and not to near the capital at that time ( kaésong )

We explored the city for a hour before going back. We saw the 144 steps to see stars and a swing.

If you see a white mark on the tree, it’s where the swing hits the tree. The bus Drivers were crazy and they went full speed down. We passed he At the hotel entrance, there was a booth where we got pork ! Ee went to a place that we saw while Cycling to the hotel . We got in queue, and we did not know it would take ~~25 mins. But the dinner was worth the wait. It was good! (and relaxing because the guy cooked for us) On the way back, we saw a convenience store and got my 2nd favourite ice cream. Back in the hotel we opened up the box and the ice cream, and enjoyed the happiness…My favourite ice cream! We finished the cycling, now on with the trains!



11 Ethan’s View*️⃣

We woke up happily and hit the road.

I changed into a higher gear and went speeding along past daddy. At one point, we found one of those light batons used by police.

I saw this sign , ancient tombs of Haman. What???????

Did Haman from the book of Esther in he bible die here? Well, Korea must have been a nice place for him …

Any way , we stamped our passports at the booth and cycled away.

This was the day where I took the GIF of the water . These types of bridges don’t exist in Singapore, the authorities would be afraid that somebody would fall over the bridge…


We climbed a moderately steep hill and enjoyed the downhill Soon after .

We stopped by the side of a road to see a beautiful flowers 🌺 .

We passed by this beautiful cafe with a English speaking lady-Yay!

We sat in a rattan hammock and enjoyed the break .

We orders a matcha latte ,coffee, and what the lady called. A holey bread( I don’t know to spell it ) . It was good and we had fuelled up.

We hit the road again , little knowing that this would be the day where. we would cycle the most , (94km) . When we came up a small hill, we saw a small town and a restaurant where we had lunch . There was a old lady who ran the shop ,but she could not speak English . Thankfully she gave me a sample and it was great !

The dish came with rice cakes and fish slices and slightly Chili soup which I did not taste the Chili.

A private restaurant by the way…

After restaurant we went through this sleepy town and we saw a bicycle!

Now who’s pulling the trailer… We cycled further south and we saw a cat! We entered the city again with the big roads! Those giant roads …. The cycle path suddenly had like 10X of people more! Even though we were squeezed between the highway and the other roads , they used the Spaces wisely (unlike singapore) and it was quite nice . We were in the heart of Busan and oh , our ride was almost ending! We found our nice hotel and we could not find the entrance! We eventually found it and we were reavealed to a nice hotel! We settled in and cycled out to dinner to this place called OKKUDAK . I kept o getting confused with another matcha shop that we would later encounter called OSSSULOC . It was a great place !( both) and we got stuffed with their chicken . Below is the poster of the shop.

Can You Guess what we ate?

We finished dinner happily and we cycled back with lots of fried food. When we got back , I checked my phone and I saw a message about a new bus service that was very useful to me !

After that We finished up P2P and said goodnight .

Our trip is coming to a end ,or is it…