COVID-19 Update!

Its Been about 2 years since we have finished Our ride.

I have seen many places that we travelled to, turn into Ghost town’s. One Example is Daegu . Cases Surged there, and South Korea was engulfed by it.

In Singapore, the government has been tackling it well, and we are now going through something called a Circuit Breaker. Its Like a Lockdown, But not so serious.

Everyone’s Lives have changed. It Really Does not Matter where you are. Town’s Countries and cities have all Changed. New York. Seoul. Bangkok. Berlin.London. wherever you may be, the Coronavirus has definitely changed your daily life.

But don’t forget that you should still exercise ( if possible ), take a breath outside and connect with your friends through video calling.

Don’t get yourself too bored.

I have found a Drink I wanted to make, (here) and even started a telegram channel that Bring you news from CNN, Straits Times, SCMP , CNA and Mothership all to you in one Place!

I Hope all of you are well, and make sure to #staysafe Wash your hands and only go out when neccecary!

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