Korail 2: Seoul-Jecheon-Osong-Iksan

Daddy: On the long ride up the Mugunghwa, Korail was playing their tourist train videos. I had bought the Korail Pass thinking we would just KTX around the country but now I knew we could take the slower and more scenic tourist trains that had special designs. This was his special trip and to have both special trains and bikes on it was just too good to be true!

Daddy: Of coourse, I am largely to blame for Ethan’s long running fascination with long distance intercity trains. The above picture was taken 7 years ago on one of our early KTM sleeper train rides to Kelantan and back. This was father-son time back then and we both loved it!

Daddy: The A Train departed from Cheongnyangni at 8.30am. It appears to be older train cars which have they have improved and redesigned. Ethan was super pleased!

Daddy: Each car has additional viewing windows above the regular windows, creating a more airy feeling.

Daddy: The last car had even more windows and I spent a lot of time there looking out at the scenery.

Daddy: Ethan really enjoyed taking videos then later editing them. I suggested he reverse them so it looks like we are going forward and he said excitedly, “I already thought of that Dad. And we put it into the train simulator so we drive this part!”

Daddy: It felt a bit funny not being on the bike and zipping by the sights so fast. Ethan loves trains, but i still think the effort of bike touring makes one appreciate the surroundings more. Ethan may disagree vehemently however!

Daddy: We got off at Jecheon and walked around the local market. We found these onion pancakes and had a fun snack. Normally people stay on this train longer, but I figured out we could take a Mugunghwa and KTX and try another train during our limited time here.



West Gold G Train

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