Korail 2: Ethan’s View

I rose slowly from Toyoko-Inn , only really rising when daddy said train. We grabbed a juice and coffee before going off to Boejon station.

We arrived at Boejon station. We saw our Mugunghwa Train! We immediately went to car 4 and placed our bikes there . Our train looked liked the KTM!That was a nicer car. We also had a eating car that was not in operation.The doors in the newer car looked different to the ones in the older cars.I wrote a postcard to Tally and we would mail it to her soon.The eating car door shown above. placeholder://This is a walk through of the eating car.The newer car interior looked nicer compared to the older one. placeholder://I also did a walk through video of the newer car. The Toilet was also noticeably nicer.

The doors of the newer cars are much nicer. placeholder://aokplaceholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://

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