Korail 1: Busan-Seoul-Gangneung

We woke up super early and left the hotel at 6.30am, sadly too early for the Toyoko Inn free breakfast.

We made it to the station and found the correct track. After all the logistical challenges it was a relief to be able to get our bikes all the way back to Seoul (technically Cheongnyangni station).

We rolled our bikes down the platform, watched by two Mugunghwa trains – the old but still very serviceable trains that serve all of Korea.

Only a few Mugunghwa trains have these bike racks in Car 4. This is also the dining car, but unfortunately food is no longer served – just a vending machine.

It was very cool to see some of the same cycle tracks we had ridden over the past 12 days, this time from the view of trains we had often seen passing us!

We crossed that bridge!

We approached Andong Station and recognizes many of the buildings and glimpses the red bicycle certification booth at which we had stamped our passports.

Our train arrived at Cheongnyangni Station. En route I had changed plans and decided we would stay near that station instead and use that station as a base. I found a reasonably priced motel very near the station and Ethan squealed in delight. This one had free popcorn and ice-cream vending machine in the lobby!

That afternoon, I summoned up all my energy and made the most of our Korail Pass by taking Ethan on a KTX joyride to the city of Gangneung on the north-eastern coast. It was 90 min there, a simple dinner and 90 minutes back.

He was delighted with his first ride on a KTX train, having only tried the KTX simulator in Kuala Lumpur before. He’s had lots of Shinkansen to compare it to!

Gangneung was one of the locations for the Olympics. We had dinner at the station and I rode 90 minutes back home with a very happy boy. This was the first day of our Korail Pass and we had 2 more days that I had planned full of Korea’s most interesting trains.

Ethan …

I rose slowly from Toyoko-Inn , only really rising when daddy said train. We grabbed a juice and coffee as the breakfast was still cooking .

Then , we went off to boejon station.

We arrived at boejon station. We saw our Mugonghua Train! We immediately went to car 4 and placed our bikes there . Our train looked liked the KTM (keratapi Tanan Melayu) !That was a nicer car. We also had a eating car that was not in operation. Just a vending machine .

The doors in the newer car looked different to the ones in the older cars.I wrote a postcard to Tally and we would mail it to her soon.The eating car door shown above. placeholder://This is a walk through of the eating car.The newer car interior looked nicer compared to the older one. placeholder://I also did a walk through video of the newer car .The Toilet was also noticeably nicer.

The doors of the newer cars are much nicer.

the seat in this picture is locked up

. It is locked up.


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