11 Ethan’s View*️⃣

We woke up happily and hit the road.

I changed into a higher gear and went speeding along past daddy. At one point, we found one of those light batons used by police.

I saw this sign , ancient tombs of Haman. What???????

Did Haman from the book of Esther in he bible die here? Well, Korea must have been a nice place for him …

Any way , we stamped our passports at the booth and cycled away.

This was the day where I took the GIF of the water . These types of bridges don’t exist in Singapore, the authorities would be afraid that somebody would fall over the bridge…


We climbed a moderately steep hill and enjoyed the downhill Soon after .

We stopped by the side of a road to see a beautiful flowers 🌺 .

We passed by this beautiful cafe with a English speaking lady-Yay!

We sat in a rattan hammock and enjoyed the break .

We orders a matcha latte ,coffee, and what the lady called. A holey bread( I don’t know to spell it ) . It was good and we had fuelled up.

We hit the road again , little knowing that this would be the day where. we would cycle the most , (94km) . When we came up a small hill, we saw a small town and a restaurant where we had lunch . There was a old lady who ran the shop ,but she could not speak English . Thankfully she gave me a sample and it was great !

The dish came with rice cakes and fish slices and slightly Chili soup which I did not taste the Chili.

A private restaurant by the way…

After restaurant we went through this sleepy town and we saw a bicycle!

Now who’s pulling the trailer… We cycled further south and we saw a cat! We entered the city again with the big roads! Those giant roads …. The cycle path suddenly had like 10X of people more! Even though we were squeezed between the highway and the other roads , they used the Spaces wisely (unlike singapore) and it was quite nice . We were in the heart of Busan and oh , our ride was almost ending! We found our nice hotel and we could not find the entrance! We eventually found it and we were reavealed to a nice hotel! We settled in and cycled out to dinner to this place called OKKUDAK . I kept o getting confused with another matcha shop that we would later encounter called OSSSULOC . It was a great place !( both) and we got stuffed with their chicken . Below is the poster of the shop.

Can You Guess what we ate?

We finished dinner happily and we cycled back with lots of fried food. When we got back , I checked my phone and I saw a message about a new bus service that was very useful to me !

After that We finished up P2P and said goodnight .

Our trip is coming to a end ,or is it…

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