10 Ethan’s View

We left Daol Hotel and cycled down the nice path with the autumn leaves 🍁🍂 🍃 .

We cycled down this bridge and saw the view of the river.

Daddy had bought beef yesterday from the butcher and he had planned to cook some lunch. Splendid! But he forgot one thing… the wooden chopsticks ! Daddy located a CU nearby and we got the chopsticks and an ice cream! Daddy also spotted a fat kitty (above)

We cooked up beef and it was fantastic .

The spam went really well with it .This was where we cooked.

The place was nicer than daddy expected.I went really fast on this stretch.

After climbing a steep section of incline we reached a rest stop.walls of plants surrounded us.

Fun fact:Daddy dropped his phone there.

we saw what daddy said was a aqueduct.after entering a town, we saw a man laying down the things we always see at the side of the road.

after coming to town , daddy found out motel and we followed his maps. We saw a nicer and newer one next to it and settled with it. We saw a machine and was immediately satisfied. We checked in and settled down . After that , we went around for dinner . We saw a fried chicken shop and said no , but after going through almost every shop, we decided to go for a stew.

it was simple cheap and good. The people were (as always) Friendly.

I wanted to wear the bathrobe so I did . Daddy chipped in and we both wore it for P2P. But he did not wear it to sleep. Do you think he should have wore it? Answer in the comments section, aye or nay .

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