10 Dalseong-Changnyeong (58km)

With Busan nearing, I planned the last few days of travel so that we would arrive at the final certification centre early in the day and have time to to get our medals! Completion was in sight and the excitement was growing.

Bike paths within the towns are usually more difficult to navigate and ride, but this particular tree-lined was still beautiful even within the town.

Just outside some rolling hills combined with boardwalk-bridges that spanned the coast-line.

We climbed a steep section then looked backward for this fantastic sight!

The cycle path crossed a small town which was noticeable run down. We found a CU store for an ice-cream break and a lot of young men were driving in and out, with too much free time on their hands. A group of them were speaking loudly in Russian, and disheveled older men were walking the streets. I had not seen this part of Korea before. Though no-one gave us a second glance, we quickly left after Ethan finished his snack.

Speeding along fast stretches of tarmac, I had picked out a likely good place to cook lunch en-route having concocted this plan the day before.

The lunch spot was an even better picnic spot than I had hoped for. We had some very good beef that I bought the previous night from a butcher we passed, fried up some spam, Onions and garlics that were leftover from last night’s BBQ friend with carrots bought a couple of days ago! The pre-cooked rice from the convenience store in Korea is expensive and heavy, but it heats up well in a pot of hot water with zero cleanup.

Fueled by beef we tackled the open fields with mountains in the distance.

Some bike lanes were highly protected paths along the mountain roads which made for easy and safe cycling.

There was a tough uphill section of 10% that lasted a kilometer or so which we walked up. At the top of these hills on the cycle routes is always a nice resting place with a view of the surroundings.

A fast downhill led to an interesting patch of very tall vegetation. It was like a wall on either side.

Nearing the town we would spend the night we saw what looked like an aqueduct! It was quite an unusual construction for irrigation. We wondered whether it was still used.

After so many days of passing barley (or whatever it is being dried on the side of the road we saw how it was being laid out on a mass scale by a machine!

I had picked one hotel but upon cycling up we saw a brand new one opened just next door. We went in and were happy to spot another vending machine. We got our room key in 3 minutes!

That night we walked around the side streets of this small town. A fried chicken place tempted us but it seemed more like fast food so we settled on this old, small Korean shop that were selling soup of some sorts. We managed to get a pork bone soup of some sorts which was tasty and wholesome!

That night Ethan wanted to try the bathrobe. He looked so handsome and cute in it! So we both wore the pair and had our P2P chat on some serious stuff! We have been sleeping late but still getting up early for our rides!

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