09 Ethan’s View

We woke up and left Ten Motel and we ate a mushroom soup we bought a few days ago and left.

On the way we passed this nice cosy cafe. We wanted to stop there but it was closed.

We cycled close through a building, through a amazing tunnel and out to this nice broad walk which led us to the next center and lunch. It was next to a bridge and a cafe which spelt cafe wrongly. We would see that cafe again in the city.

I had a bun and daddy bought a decent coffee at the nearby vending machine . We crossed the bridge after that and cycled to our next break.

On our break, we met a nice old man who does Long distance walking with his Wife . Wow!

After the break, we soon arrived at the next certification center . Daddy even made a video of it!

We found a CU and went on a budget and had instant udon with our apples! I made a cute apple picture. The top is Ethan(me) and the bottom is Daddy. CU is where we bought our udon and reminded me of the soups we have in 7-11 back at home!We had a scrumptious lunch and left the store.

We came across this switchback hill and conquered it step by step. We had a short break too. we passed through wildflowers and plantations to get to our final destination, Dalseong. Daddy actually wanted to go to the next town but I said no because I was getting tired and I made the right decision. Now I know it’s OK to say no.Our first thing we saw in Dalseong was a helicopter field .

The next thing we saw was a school , then a factory , then a Hyundai these site. Daddy said if I was at the school , and he worked in the factory, he could meet he for lunch!

“Hi sonny , you want to come over for lunch today?”

yes that would be great!”

Alright then , see you at Paris Baquette at 1pm”

Daddy saw something interesting up ahead and we went to take a look. It was a old house!

We ventured into town and it was really empty. It was easy to find our hotel and it looked new. The name of our hotel was called daol Hotel. It sounded like an Indian word!

The hotel looked pretty new. It was also unmanned at the hotel desk. At the hotel a vending machine replaced A person at the counter. One of the cleaning staff came out the ask us whether we wanted an overnight room. He told us that you could only get a overnight room after 6 PM. We said thank you and headed off to a Paris baguette that daddy found on Naver maps. We decided to hang out and kill time there till 6 o’clock. The Paris baguette was in the more residential areas and there was more food there. We decided to go there for a barbecue grill for dinner that night. At the Paris baguette , I had a jelly stick and a ice cream lolly. After that we cycled down to our hotel and got a cheap and good room. At the hotel we had a free coffee and they also provided us with instant noodles, A microwave and free water .

The hotel interior was beautiful . we found a room easily and entered

The room. I also did a video of the tour of the room.(not ready)

Daddy used Naver maps to find a nice grill with a free coffee machine. We had a piece of beef and pork which was excellent. After dinner we were stuffed and took a lazy ride back to the hotel. We washed up showered and did P2P and called it a day.

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