09 Chilgok-Dalseong (71km)

Firmly back on the Seoul-Busan route, we prepared to hammer out some more kilometers on what would become a great day of riding and exploring.

We passed this cafe with amazingly beautiful grounds. The cycle path had the river on one side and this cafe garden on the other. Unfortunately it was closed so we couldn’t stop for refreshments.

I had looked forward to autumn leaves on this ride and I wasn’t disappointed.

The boardwalk curved gracefully, hugging the contours of the coastal hill.

Until we reached our next stamp point!

We had cycled quite a bit already so stopped for a second breakfast break.

Ethan had lots of energy today and we continued onward for another hour or so.

I picked another rest stop to eat more snacks and an elderly couple who were hikers struck of a “conversation”. He was part of a cross-country hiking group, looked very experienced, and was very pleased to see Ethan’s handlebar bag with the Seoul-Busan sign. She gave us a baby apple (see below) and he was very happy when I used his Samsung phone to take a wefie of the four of us as he didn’t know how to do it!

Another verification booth for the day!

The stamp booth was at a building with a large CU convenience store so we decided to have a light early lunch there. Ethan made an apple snowman out of the small apple the elderly couple gave us and the large one we plucked a few days earlier.

After lunch a short but very steep hill forced us to walk a little bit. You can’t see how steep these slopes are in these photos.

The inter-town cycle paths crossed the town parks and connected them all wonderfully. It made me think of Singapore’s round island PCN vision – but I find that too disruptive.

Up and down the hills we went, but these were short climbs not the big one earlier in the trip.

Ethan was always ready with a big smile whenever I took photos!

Wildflowers greeted us then bid farewell as we coasted along.

As we approached the town we were going to stay in we saw this cool helicopter. Later we would see a vehicle test track and other signs of highly skilled manufacturing that took place there.

But just before we turned off into the gleaming new town, a historic site appeared just off the cycle path. We stopped to check it out.

And to take a cute photo. No, he’s not really tired…just enjoying time with his Dad.

From there it was a quick ride into town. On the map I could only find 2 motels and I could see it was small. I was worried it may be run down, but it was exactly the opposite! The small town looked very new, built around the manufacturing plants on the outskirts.

I rode right up to the very new motel, pushed our bikes through the front doors and were greeted by a snazzy vending machine. “Ethan, look at this!”

I knew he would love this! I had read that some new ones were entirely unmanned at the front reception like this one!


The furnishings looked so new even the light switches had an LED screen. It was as if we were the first ones who stayed there!

After getting a room and buying snacks at Paris Baguette, we searched for dinner and settled on another pork grill place. This one gave lots of garlic with oil in a dish so we basically deep fried our garlic cloves until golden brown!

Ethan was super happy with the day riding and our motel room that night. We had a great P2P chat then fell fast sleep.

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