08 Sangjubo-Chilgok (78km)

After a night of camping we left with a simple snack for breakfast and continue the ride. We had taken 2 days to travel to Andong and ride back, making this trip even longer than the original Seoul-Busan route.

We stopped for a healthy second breakfast break by a bridge, and cut up one of our freshly plucked apples!

Lots of vegetables were growing all around us.

The cycle path varied, traversing small hilly areas then going back to the river.

Ethan’s front derailleur came loose. Fortunately he has bicycle mechanic Dad with him!

I picked out a small town in the distance which seemed to have a few restaurants and we headed that way.

We chances upon a beef restaurant, which in Korea looks like a butcher displaying their best cuts of meat. Instead of grilling our meat I decided this time to ask for beef bulgogi.

The dish reminded us of Mummy’s sukiyaki. Ethan enjoyed it, slurping up the emoji mushrooms.

We had covered a lot of kilometers but Ethan was still happy to get back in the bike every morning. I was watching for signs of mental or physical fatigue after back to back days of cycling but he seems to be okay.

The hills really took it out of him though! Hills are tough for anyone,

He says Daddy is very encouraging especially up those hills!

Ethan enjoys the scenery very much. Can follow behind me for a long time and I can hear him commenting or playing word games with himself! At other times we will ride side by side and talk with one another.

We passed a town called Gumi so we took a photo for Goo Ma in Singapore cos “Gumi” is what we call her!

We also spotted wildflowers and Ethan enjoys taking photos himself too.

At one rest stop we bought an interesting looking drink from the freezer. It was a vanilla milkshake which you squeeze and let melt a little. It’s quite good and Ethan looked out for it for the rest of the trip!

A long stretch of pathway was built over the water. The only name I know for this is “board walk” but it wasn’t just for walking but broader for shared use for cyclists and pedestrians.

Singapore could easily build these and add a canopy of creeper vines (which other places in Korea had) to provide shade.

It’s hard to see but in this booth along the cycle path were floor to ceiling shelves. It was a mini library along a cycle path. So cute!

At a nearby shop an interesting trailer and electric scooter combination were available to rent!

By 5pm the sun was casting orange hues. We had decided which town we were stopping at so we knew we would make it there easily before dark.

We stamped our passports then cycled a few kilometers more to our motel for the night.

We found a pork charcoal grill restaurant which turned out to be one of our favorite dinners of the whole trip. I enjoyed their meats and salads, but at first wondered why bone dry rice cakes were on the raw meat when it was given to us.

In turns out that you can roast them directly! I thought they needed water to become edible but they became fluffy and crispy just on the grill. Ethan absolutely loved them and we got more for free. They are much healthier than marshmallows!

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