08 Ethan’s View

We woke up, packed up and ate a persimmon. We cycled back to the bridge where we branched off and continued down south to Busan. Along one bridge, we stopped to have a nutritious breakfast on a bridge .

Breakfast was Apple and seaweed.

Daddy Threw the appple seeds in the soil and I thought to tell daddy but I did not ” shall you ever see an Apple tree when you come back, know it was most likely grown by you.” We packed up and went to the stamp booth a few hundred metres away from where we ate breakfast#2 . After we stamped our booth, We enjoyed the scenery while Cycling There were lots of plants there growing too! I stopped because I was so tired climbing that slope!

This was one bridge we passed. Daddy loves taking selfies. That’s the close up view from the bridge . Another selfie daddy took.after a steep hill daddy helped me fix my derailer.

We passed many mountains that also looked like they were painted .

Daddy kept on telling me that I loved taking to myself.?Thats my way to pass the time.

We passed a river museum . The river must be very popular .

We went through a park and it was really nice. e planned to have beef today because Koreans love chicken and we hardly ate any other meat. We saw a few beef stores and even a goat bulgogi shop.

We finally settled with this beef shop.

I loved it, even though it was not really barbecue . It was kind of like a stew, which I also liked . The Flavour was like Japanese sukiyaki so it was familiar to me.

I looked up to see the group having barbecue beef! However we got this and it was very goodThis was me looking at the mountains.We also cycled some parts on the road, like this.Daddy even took a risk of taking a picture at the traffic lights.

We stopped at a CU store for a snack. CU is my favourite convenience store in Korea.

We found this matcha roll and we happily ate it .Daddy got a lotus tiramisu and I got a milk flavoured pororo drink.

We passed through a town called Gumi! Daddy loves taking photos of me taking a photo of something.We stopped for a milkshake at the Gumi Certification Center convenience store. It was so hot inside the store for the first time we sat outside.

This was a thumbnail (size) of a daddy selfie. We passed through a tunnel and came out to scenic views .

These selfies like the one shown below are ones you should really treasure. Daddy got many screen cracks from it.

This was a bus . It was supposed to be Bus 197 bus it was blanked out due to the camera in daddy’s phone.

We accidentally went on a detour and saw a mini library . Unfortunately it was locked.

We decided to press on to the further town, which daddy found a nice accommodation there .

we saw this very big e-scooter that would get somebody a big fine.

we cycled even during sunset and went to the next town .This was The beautiful sunset we encountered in our journey.

We arrived at a stamp booth and stamped our stamps there. two youths helped us take some pictures too!

I also noticed this booth had a door and a old map ! What a interesting booth.

it was even located in a building! We followed the cycle path to our next destination . We followed the highway there. At a point , daddy pointed to a bridge and told us that we are going to stop there. I was quite happy. What a day of Cycling! We turned off and nearly went the wrong way! We passed a few convenience stores and daddy navigated the back streets of the city to our motel. even though it had a corny name(Ten motel) we stayed at it. We found out for the first time that the fat strings that were hung up were actually automatic doors! It was so mesmerising! The layout was different and the reception was different. It was on the second floor(2F) . On 2F daddy used Google translate while I checked out the amenities!

  1. Free ice creams
  2. Free microwave
  3. Free coffee machine
  4. Free bottles of ice for your free drinks upstairs!

We went up to our room and it was fantastic! We would never Guess how much daddy would love this dinner tonight. We went on to the main road a stones throw away from our motel. There was a beef shop that made me hungry the second I came into 3 meters radius with it but daddy was searching for something else . Anyway, we had beef last night, right? We saw this popular shop and decided to take a peek. It’s menu showed pork. Daddy was like:”ok! This one ! It looks good!”And he chose it, just by the menu. Believe me , it was the The BEST dinner in Korea!

The best part was the rice cakes. Daddy loved pork after that. It looks good right?

Daddy also ordered a beer which he took it back to the hotel room to drink.

I also took a selfie of myself. We retreated to the hotel for ice creams and a nice hot shower. We did P2P ready for an upgrade? And we talked about…yes…How babies are made. We finished it then daddy went to pack up while I heard a peek of the girls session. In the end we went to bed and had a goodnights rest and prepared for tomorrow’s Cycling as shown below.

Below is …

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