07 Ethan’s View

Dad gave me these nice mini buns to eat as an ‘express breakfast’ and we left Goroyeo Hotel. We found the bicycle path and headed to Hahoe village, a 600 year-old village, with some people still calling that place their home. We had a nice morning ride and rode to a small man made waterfall, but it was still nice to see the water. Water makes you relaxed. Just look at the gif below.We also passed small bridges , and many farmers drying a type of wheat, which daddy thought was barley.

There were also mini hills abut I was much better after the big hill and I could do it!

We passed through many farmlands too along the way to Hahoe Village. We picked apples along the way and they were good! Just before our destination , we saw a bus that looked just like my Toy bus at home

. We quickly took a picture and we cycled on to Hahoe Village.Finally, we arrived in Hahoe village. Well, not really it, we arrived opposite of it . Daddy’s Garmin said to take a ferry and we did just that.Even though it was a short ride, it was very thrilling. We arrived at Hahoe village and explored it. We saw a cafe too!

The houses were nice! It was amazing to see people still living in them.It was cool to see The houses also had Ethan sized doors , and daddy explained to me why people were so short those days .I thought a kid owned the house!When we made a half round around the village and then we looped back and we saw a swing!

And yes, That’s me running to see the swing! I never knew people 600 years ago knew how to make strong, sturdy and fun swings ! I was upside down 180 degrees ! It was so fun that I did not want to go ! Daddy had to peel me off the swing . It was time to go and we said goodbye and boarded the ferry back.

We unlocked our bikes and went off to find

lunch nearby. On the way to lunch, daddy wanted to go to a Nonghyup , South Korea’s Bank ,convenience store and petrol station. The men who worked at the shop were very nice and they gave us a free jacket! We found seaweed and sauce but not rice so we decided to go into town across the river to find food. We found a supermarket and a restaurant nearby. We ate at the restaurant and it was good!

After lunch ,we went to the supermarket to get supplies and we got garlic curry and otogi rice. When shopping time was finished ,we hit the road again to sangju, where we started our Andong detour a while ago. Daddy took many pictures of me, especially near the crops .

There was a short broad walk and we followed the seaside for a while.I kept on telling daddy those mountains were drawn by God but he never listened to me…This is another broad walk , and daddy took a selfie!Whenever I am at the back by myself, I will always talk to myself , and daddy says that’s what makes me happy. We saw some persimmon trees and daddy wanted to pick it because it was persimmon season and he loved them . We saw a few but they were all not so ripe a. We picked the sweetest of them all and we picked them. We were supposed to wait for them to ripen but daddy was too impatient and we thew one into the drain. We have one more persimmon in my bag still . Later on, daddy found a riper tree and picked persimmons from it.The mountains here don’t look like their painted though.We cycled through the countryside , enjoying our time here.We reconnected with the Nangkongdang River and followed it to Busan .We passed a place we’ve seen before and thought it would be a nice place to camp since people pay to camp here in the the summer. We cycled in and saw that this was a place with lots of amenities! They had power sockets too! There was a trailor toilet and next to it were water bikes .Daddy pitched our tent very nicely and got creative by using fire extinguishers as a weight for the tent.This below is a panorama of our campsite.We were lucky we came early so we could take photos when it was still bright.We cooked up the garlic stew we bought and the rice. It was so good ! The stew stuck on my mouth and daddy had to scrub it off .

We skipped P2P today as daddy was too tired and he needed to do some planning. I slept because I was sleepy. Good night daddy! I cannot wait for tomorrow !

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