06 Gyeongcheondae-Sangju-Andong (28km)

Today would be a slow day with a different type of schedule. We were making such good time that we would finish our Seoul-Busan ride too early.

So I planned a diversion to a branch of the trail to Andong. This was 80km one way so in order not to have to do it twice we biked to Chungju to find a bus that would take us to Andong.

As we packed our tents, Ethan noticed the small post box with another box full of postcards. Even more than the fact that there were free postcards, was that a pre-printed stamp was on them. We weren’t sure if it would go all the way to Singapore but we tried one!

The road out of Geongcheondae Park was steep and beautifully landscaped.

A heavy mist made the ride seem mysterious as we made our way to Sangjubo bus interchange.

We found the bus interchange and managed to buy 2 bus tickets for the 1.5 ride to Andong. Then we headed off to look for a light lunch.

We had just passed a Paris Baguette and we needed a nice place to chill for an hour so we chose yummy breads and had coffee and green tea latte.

Daddy even bought an extra green tea latte to go for Ethan. We loaded the bikes on the bus and off we went on a speedy trip to Andong.

From the bus terminal we still had to make our way to the far end of Andong where the stamp booth was.

It was longer and tougher than we thought, but there were some beautiful spots.

We passed a bright pink patch of wild grass and many people were taking pictures. It seemed like a lovers spot and this father-son pair sure do love one another!

Talia would like this picture! Many times during our travels we would honk of Talia and say she would like this or do that!

Andong was bigger than I thought and it took quite a while along the river in the city to find the certification booth at the end.

We found it and had great fun stamping as usual. The bike culture in Korea is so good with so many nice decorations being bicycles!

We parked our bikes and walked the long bridge with a sign that said it was the longest pedestrian only bridge in South Korea!

We sat halfway and enjoyed our freshly picked apple! Even on a bike trip Daddy slices and cores the apple nicely – no peeling of skins though!

Being a slightly bigger town we looked on TripAdvisor and picked a motel where for only $55 we got a huge excellent room.

It was very new, and the usual free and modern amenities that comes with Korean motels! This includes free DIY laundry machines which we now know how to use.

Walking out to find dinner we decided on a short rib beef barbecue place. In Korea the barbecue places specialize in one type of meat, unlike in Singapore where you can get beef, pork, chicken and even seafood at the same place. Even more, this place only did short rib!

Ethan and I love cooking our own meals at the table. The beef ended up costing more than I thought – 78,000 won which was our most expensive meal of the trip!

That night we did another P2P session. Ethan looks forward to it and it was really good to be talking father to son. The time and effort invested into this trip is so worthwhile!

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