06 Ethan’s View

Today was more or less a rest day. We packed up our tent and today, daddy had a plan. Just before we left, I saw a box and out of curiosity , I opened it. Inside were free postcards that we took to write to Talia. We hoped it would get to Singapore though, so we took to incase.


The Postcard did get to Talia, Just one year after we wrote it. It was stamped 1.11.2019 , and went by surface mail!

We will post a picture of it soon!

We started with an incline, but I was fresh in the morning so I conquered it. We cycled down past a amusement park, that I assumed was only used for summer, and we hit the main road. At the rate we were going , we would have ended too early! So daddy came up with a plan…

    1. We would go to

Sangju Bus Terminal

    and take the bus to Andong Bus Terminal where we would cycle down a trail . (We took a bus because it was uphill to Andong.
    We would cycled down and take a detour which would take 2 days, otherwise, our trip would end too early!
    We would cycle down and visit Korea’s oldest village; Hahoe village
  • 4. We will follow the trail down to busan and get back on track!
  • I was happy with taking a bus as it was my first time in Korea so I said yes! We cycled to Sangju and on the way , we went through a tunnel! This was because there were trains above crossing . After we arrived at Sanju bus terminal, we booked our bus tickets and the bus arrived at 1245hours. Along the way we saw our first Paris Baguette! I was really excited and keen to try it . We bought bread, jelly sticks and a cold Matcha Latte.
  • We had a great time and I kept on telling daddy that we would be late. Daddy eventually left at 1225 and we headed for the bus terminal. We packed up our bikes and it was 1248 . The bus was supposed to leave at 1245.The bus driver was crazy! He overtook cars and went really fast on the expressway. In South Korea, vehicles go much faster and their traffic rules are different. We put our bikes in the luggage area as shown below.we had an enjoyable 2 hour ride to Andong. Daddy slept while I enjoyed the Jeju matcha Latte that we bought . When the relaxing bus ride was over, We got on our bikes and we cycled to the stamp booth.
  • We also walked on Korea’s longest walking bridge where we ate our fresh apple we picked a few days ago. We ate the apple and decided to find a hotel here instead as we would not make it in time to the next town. We stayed at Goroyeo Hotel , as it was one of the best in town. Daddy kept on calling it gorilla hotel! We walked to a beef place because in our whole time in South Korea, we did not have beef!we had short ribs . Later on , we ordered an extra garlic beef . We ate till we were full and the whole dinner cost $94.98 or 78000 Korean Won . After the dinner , we went to CU and 7-11 to get breakfast . We also FaceTimed mummy to show her our room with a PC . Daddy even washed our bikes in the bathroom!I took a video of him. I don’t know if he knows about this though… We slept soundly and were too tired to do the P2P . We would just have to wait till tomorrow.

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