05 Ethan’s View

I woke up first , looking at daddy then getting a drink. He must have seen me , because the next moment , he asked me what time it was and I boldly replied, “9.00am isdy* “. Daddy suddenly woke up and started washing up and putting on the cycling clothes.We checked out of the motel and looked for a mini-mart (KOREA-> GS25,CU,7-11) but we could only find this older one called OK Mart.

Isdy said :”I am OK with OK mart !” I said yes and we happily went in to check it out.

We found hot chocolate and a coffee and a instant noodles that lots of people ate. ( instant noodles in Korea can be very hot ) we had a good breakfast then we proceeded to look at the old station .

We saw rail bikes and we wanted to ride them but daddy said later. I could not wait, but I had to. Patience Ethan! We took a picture with the waterfall instead.

We saw rail bikes and we wanted to ride them but daddy said later. I could not wait, but I had to. Patience Ethan!

Daddy wanted a picture so I took it for him.

We followed the path and saw some other cyclist going the same way from Seoul to Busan . We followed them for a while and we experienced cycling in a group for a while! They stopped to check something while we continued to our destination, The rail car! We arrived at the station, where our certification center was. There were cats there too!

We fed them some of our food and from then on, we called the food “cat food”! We looked around and saw that the station was empty! The railway hotel that we wanted to go to was also closed. We were puzzled and daddy checked his Naver maps and saw that there was another station 2 km away. We cycled there and we got the railcar! It was incredible!

It was electric so it was fun and easy to ride too!

At the end of the section of the track was a turn table. There were also cool displays on the tunnels .

It was almost like driving a train !

We had so much fun and almost forgot the time! It was nearly lunch! Daddy hurried me on and I could not look at the old railcar (😢) and we went over for a bite at the café on the other side. We had a quick waffle and a coffee. We ended up not really eating lunch! We totally forgot about it. We cycled through the countryside and saw many farms with workers.

I did fall too, and I dented the helmet a bit. daddy managed to fix everything and even had some tape, but just temporary tape. We cycled to our campsite around 12km from my fall. It was very hilly just before it and had a steep switchback. As you know, when there is a steep hill, there is a nice slope. We zoomed down the slope and passed a restaurant where we realised that this is a town. We planed beforehand to go to the campsite and then we would go to eat. The town was very deserted though, and there were not many lights. It enlightened us when we found a family owned convenience store (CVS) and inside the CVS we bought spam and a Korean TV show inspired drink (Pororo) and the lady told us that the restaurant was closed. We then were left with only one choice; to cook our own dinner. We found a nice place to camp and it was on a wooden board that we liked. We pitched up the tent and I went to the toilet to check it out. Inside the toilet, it was the Japanese Type and I was overjoyed! I did a poo and then washed my butt and aired it with the child mode. I told daddy and he was happy too. We had dinner which was macoroni and cheese and it was a great dinner!We also had sausages. We had mustard to go with it too! We also used daddy’s spork. This was after we added the cheese…Daddy was hungry so he fried up more spam and ate it. I tried a bite too! We finished our simple but great dinner and we wrapped things up for today.

In the tent, we did a very special P2P and we had portable Holy Communion. It was my first time! I went to sleep thinking about that night’s Holy Communion…


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