04 Ethan’s View*️⃣

We packed up our camping tent today , just like we would do in east coast park. Daddy rolled up the tent very nicely too! We passed the spa we saw yesterday’s and turned to the bike path which went through a farm. At a turn, We passed a small bridge. I really think there should have been a risk of bike falling off the cliff sign! We then felt tired and decided to take a stop at the nearby CU store(convenience store) . We had not-so-instant udon and a ‘green tea-coffee’ (daddy thought it was green tea but was actually coffee! We went back on the trail and went through the countryside area of Korea. After a morning cycle , we stopped at a town ,and we had lunch! Lunch was BBQ pork with carrots and onions in a nice sauce. We also had a type of soup which daddy gave me as an appetizer. I felt sleepy after lunch, so I lied on daddy and slept. When I woke up, daddy wanted us to go not to sleep but I was like:No daddy, I want to sleep… but daddy pushed me hard and I eventually woke up.

“No daddy, I want to sleep… but daddy pushed me hard and I eventually woke up . ”

  • We then went on a road and went uphill for a while. Then it was a descent. That seemed like a challenge but after the day I nearly forgot about it as there was a super steep hill (6km about 490m up) . We passed that and before the steep hill, daddy checked if this was the right way. We came upon the steep hill . We did not know beforehand that this was it. We. spent an hour on the hill , and I kept panting ok…ok…ok… and daddy was very encouraging. After the first hill, we had a very easy descent as we went down the first hill. Then , we came upon the second hill, were we did not stop to walk. It was 10% incline for 6km. We finally reached the rest area and we were super satisfied with ourselves. The elevation is shown below shown is what I climbed. The picture was taken from an app.We then had a easy descent and our maximum speed was 41 km/h ! That’s like a bus going at a medium speed.(bus simulator 2017 ) We cycled on as it was getting dark. In South Korea , it generally gets dark at 6p.m. and we spent a while on the incline. We checked out the spa first and enjoyed it. Inside, they placed the mats wrongly and it hurt a bit when you are on them so I thought about this…It was very kiasu but it worked! The spa was good and we totally forgot about the station . However, that would wait for tomorrow. After the spa , we met a nice lady who knew English and she told us what the restaurant sold we decided to have the beef because we had pork for lunch. To our dismay, the beef shop was closed . We then went to the 24hour shop which had pork stew. We ate the scrumptious pork stew and wrapped up our day. We now had one last task to do, find a motel. Because the spa was in a back road, we had to go through a motel parking lot , and I saw that motel was a decent one, we stayed there. The room was a bit old but nice and we had a goodnight’s sleep. We did our P2P and went to sleep. Daddy continued to be awake and he checked out our route to cycle.
  • what we did in our P2P today:we talked a lot about peer pressure and used the play-do that I had been carrying around. Ethan learned that he would soon be pressured to do things he may think is wrong and he needs to decide now what he will do when the time comes.

  • I decided to give daddy the Caring Daddy Award 🥇 as he as been so loving to me. He would even sacrifice his sleep time to plan our route tomorrow. I love you daddy!
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