03 Ethan’s View *️⃣

We woke up with the early morning mist. It was hard to leave our beautiful hotel, but we managed to get on the road by around 8:00 am. We continued down the bike path but we did not follow the line. I was glad we woke up and managed to hit the road early in the morning. We saw the beautiful early morning scenery. We planned to go to the next small town near a dam called Ipobo. There was a certification center there too. We passed a mountain covered in the mist just before Ipobo. We reached the town and we saw a 7-11 but it was closed . We also stamped our stamps at the red booth. We continued on to a café and Daddy did not know what he ordered. It was actually a Korean dessert! At the cafe They had a vintage phone we could play with. We finished up with the cafe and we cycled down the path to our next destination. We passed by a stamp booth and we stamped our stamps there. there was a fierce guard who saw a person riding illegally and shouted at him in the top of his voice! He also helped us with the pressurized pump! We cycled down by the river for a while and decided to have lunch. Lunch was really big!After lunch, we continued down the town and found a camping place! People were also riding ATV’s there . We decided to camp at the next destination. There was a turn to the bridge and our stamp box was there! I nearly missed it! We stamped our passports and crossed the bridge.After the bridge, There was a 21% incline slope that nobody was allowed tho ride down. We pushed our bikes instead. After that , there were a lot of mosquitoes! They find not bite me but we’re really annoying ! There was a long stretch of non-stop road , and we rode it over a bridge ! We cycled up a short mountain and saw a tiny bus stop! We stopped there for a break too! We arrived at the next town and we saw a spa area and we went in. Just before that , we went to a cafe to have a break. We also saw cats there. The spa was really nice and had water that was not too hot and not too cold (39-42 degrees) and very cold water!(5-10 degrees) we had a realizing time at the spa and then headed to the lounge where I wrote yesterday’s blog. Yes, that was me writing my blog ! We went to the camping area and pitched our tent . Actually, this was just a park. We could not find a real camping area. Tomorrow we would see a small one. The cycling today made me so tired we did not do P2P and I went to sleep before daddy went to the toilet! I had a great day , and the spa made me so sleepy…

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