02 Seoul-Yangpyeong (65km)

Another late morning! We woke only at 8.30am and sauntered down to find breakfast.

A tiny cafe served us coffee, matcha latte, and a ham and cheese bagel which we shared then we were off!

We crossed many interesting bridges that moved us across the many waterways in Seoul.

The cycling infrastructure is excellent and it is really used by the people. I am especially impressed with the bridge crossings as huge pathways are dedications to pedestrians and cyclists to make the crossings as you can see in Ethan’s video.

It was a Saturday morning and there were many families and kids using the paths in the heart of Seoul. Other parts were quiet. It was a great mix!

The bike and pedestrian sharing etiquette is much better here than in Singapore. People stay on the correct paths and when someone does stray, no one seems too perturbed.

We made it to the the first certification point of the day. You have to check Naver Maps carefully to be sure you are on the right side of the river!

We enjoyed the crisp air at short break at each stamp booth, though we were still stamping on paper scraps as we didn’t have the actual cycle passport yet.

Cycling paths in mega cities like Seoul have huge structures all around them. It was very different to the Perth riding we did 2 years ago.

We took one elevator down a bridge and saw this cute car at the bottom. It was used by the waterway maintenance staff! So nice!

Slowly we left left the city centre and more green surrounded us.

Still the bridge crossings were marvelous, and these experiences would continue for the rest of the trip.

Going up and down these purpose built bridges is fun!

We were heading to a town that had an abandoned railway station. I didn’t know what to expect but even this busy intersection had such a superb bike crossing. There were many cyclists continually going up and down.

Finally we reached Neungnae stamp booth and the railway station. Not only did we get our stamp, we managed to get our passports but we forgot to take photos of the stamp booth! The cycle passports are really cool. I knew Ethan would love this but they look so good even I was having fun stamping at the checkpoints!

The old station was great but the entire town area was fantastic. The old railway line has been turned into the cycle path and tons of cyclists were zipping up and down.

What you see above is not a road but a cycle highway used by cyclists, pedestrians, and the occasional PMD. No cars at all!

Train paraphernalia abounded so here was a town with trains and cycling – just perfect for us!

Could you guess that someone loved it?

It’s really hard to order food without speaking Korean! But we managed to get pancakes and noodles and the pancake was superb!

Off we sped, passing through a series of tunnels. On the left were the new KTX bullet train tracks.

We were cycling on the old railway line that was converted to the cycling highway. Going through the old train tunnels that had been livened up with LED lights was super cool!

Ethan noticed my right trailer tire had gone flat! The Burley Travoy uses such an unusual tiny wheel that I didn’t have any inner tube spares, and needed to patch it instead. I stopped to try but the leak seemed simultaneously huge yet I couldn’t find it. I was stumped, but at least my trailer can still be pulled even with a flat tire so I continued riding it to the motel we were aiming for.

The recommended motel was better than expected. I knew it has floor to ceiling glass windows but didn’t know it had such a view of the river and grasslands. It was so nice, I let Ethan rest while I cycled off to buy dinner and bring it back.

I picked up some food from the convenience store and we did a little cooking at our coffee table. More things went wrong as my stove adaptor was leaking, but I managed to diagnose a loose seal and it was fixed with my mini-toolset. What a day for mechanical problems! Phew!

We enjoyed a simple meal that was super fun and hard-earned! After supper, I finally managed to figure out why I couldn’t fix my flat tire. Turns out, my pump was leaking so that’s why I couldn’t detect the small hole in the tire! Trouble-shoot the pump, then find the tiny hole in the tube, patch and glue, and it was ready to go…

After a long hot bath in the giant tub, Dad washed clothes then Ethan I listened to P2P. Ethan was a very good listener and we had s great time with the remainder of Session 1. For the puzzle time, instead of a jigsaw, I brought mini building blocks from Daiso. I built the fire truck using provided instructions while Ethan tried the police car without any instructions or pictures!

In the end I told him why…going through adolescence without a manual for life is really hard. The Bible is our manual and if we don’t have it, or don’t use it, then our life gets hard and it turns out in some other way that God didn’t originally intend!

Ethan fell asleep tired and very happy. It was 11pm and we are not managing to sleep early enough and starting late in the day. He seems to have plenty of energy though so perhaps we can do 75km tomorrow and maybe camp out near Chungju.

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