02 Ethan’s View*️⃣

Did you press P2P on another blog post and it lead you here? Go to the bottom of the page and find the words in bold .

We slowly woke up today, even when I was washing up I was only half awake, But Daddy insisted me to do things faster, so I quickly wore my clothes and we went down to the café to have breakfast. When we took a glance across the road, we saw that the café was closed and we walked to the other café opposite the GS25 mini store we went yesterday . That was where we could have breakfast. The Café(Seattle) was empty , so we decided to take our bikes down to the cafe . After we checked out of Apple Motel, we cycled down to Seattle café and ordered a bagel and a Green Tea Latte. The cafe was cool ! The lights were arranged in Pipes!The counter was decorated with plants too.

we Then packed up and headed to the Bike path . Along the way, we saw electric bicycle rental Pods . In Singapore , They have not developed anything like this although plans are being made . we cycled on and on the way , saw many children playing soccer . There was also a big event with lots of day campers . After that , we came upon something special , a bicycle roundabout ! After that , it was very very confusing after that , and initially daddy went the wrong way . We U-turned and cycled up to a spectacular view .

After that, I spotted a sign for the certification center and we stamped our papers there.

I spotted a sign for landmarks and we took a quick glance at it.

Then we went up a steep incline and we crossed a bridge with trains ! we crossed that bridge with trains and went down a glass lift . At the bottom of it , there was a nice mini electric car . We went down the track towards the bicycle park. At the bicycle park, we stamped our stamps and went to the mini stop.Daddy said we should stop for a break , so we did. outside the mini-stop was nice too! After this break, we headed to Nungane (20km) where we could see the abandoned railway line . We cycled down the path to face a steep 8.3% incline that lasted for about then minutes . After that, we were rewarded with a downhill stretch. During that part I was cruising at a speed of 40km/h . We cycled down the river . After a while we saw helicopters! I think this was some form of military training as there were people sky-diving. We continued on past a small bridge . Shortly after , we spotted an observation deck but we decided to continue on as we wanted to see Nungnae because there was an abandoned railroad there . We cycled up a 7% incline to a bridge where we crossed the river . I then zoomed down a 10% incline down the bridge and we cycled on . Soon after, there was a special bicycle crossing . Next to it was a fancy restaurant . We crossed the bicycle crossing and went straight up a short 7% incline. At the top , we saw some old train tracks and we realised we were following the old abandoned train track. We would follow this train for the rest of the day and use its old tunnels. we cycled in the small train town called Nungane . They had a small old train which was converted into a restaurant but it was closed.

The door could open too!

We then ate a pancake and noodles (which I did not like) and we explored the old station . They even left a timetable there!we continued down to follow the abandoned railway.The old railway followed the new KTX Line. We even saw and old bridge! we saw sections of the old track, part of its bridges and we even went in some of its old tunnels.

We continued down the beautiful trail and there was another bike crossing! After We went through about 3 tunnels , I was quite happy alongside the train tracks when suddenly , I realised daddy’s trailer tyre looked funny, and I called for a stop. It did not take us long to find out that daddy’s tyre was punctured. We decided to carry on until we found a rest stop or a bike shop where we could take a look at it. Even if we did not find a place, we would continue on to our nice motel. We went through a tunnel and we came to a junction and with quick thinking, saw the rest of the bike path . I predicted we would come a across some more of these confusing junctions and we did! At the next junction , daddy decided to stop at the train station and take a look at the tyre. he tried to fix it and went to the toilet multiple times to find the puncture but to no avail. Google eyes!

Daddy found the thorn that punctured the tyre !

We continued down to our motel, and we went through this very nice art tunnel . There were interesting lights (not on) inside the tunnel and at the end , there was and old train, just like the one in Nungane . Soon after the train, we passed and small bridge and went on a slope with giant bumps . Suddenly , Daddy stopped and checked his Naver Maps and saw that our Motel was down that bridge. We went past it and found our motel .

The motel was great !Daddy bought stew and a spicy thing that ‘killed’ him ,and we cooked there . It did not seem like a motel at all ! (I think I said that like 5 times ). Daddy eventually fixed the tyre when I entered the bathtub . We had a long and relaxing bath and had our P2P session, a time where me and daddy talk about things about turning into a teenager . We also did a fun activity! We ended the day with our bicycle tires fixed , and that we found this nice motel!

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