01 Ethan’s View *️⃣

Today was a late start, we started at around 10:00am.Before we left our hotel, I grabbed a free cup of non-fizzy grape slushi. Daddy and me rode over to the Ara waterway where the path was and headed to the passport collection center! To our surprise , the lady told us that they were sold out. As a substitute, we got a piece of paper and stamped our first stamp in Seoul . Before we stopped for lunch, we saw an interesting playground with a ‘bike’ facility. Daddy was interested when I said the word bike and decided to go and check out the playground. We cycled for about 17 km when we stopped for lunch at a nice van and a nice lady. I ate instant noodles carefully made out of a aluminum bowl. Daddy ordered rice cakes in kimchi sauce. After 20 km, we passed this bumpy bridge . when we were about to turn left onto the cycling path, I saw a sign for the 2nd stamp of our paper. We quickly stamped our paper . I was Very surprised there was a door ! We followed down the trail which had many bridges ( for cars ) . Those bridges had beautiful lifts . While I was eying at the lifts, daddy saw me and decided to take a ride on the next lift . After a kilometer or so, we spotted a nice glass lift with a viewing point at the top . When we finished our quick stop, we continued our journey down the bike path. when we came onto the next junction, daddy confidently turned right and we continued on pass the bridge. Suddenly daddy stopped and looked at his Garmin GPS and his phone. He realised we had taken a wrong turn and we backtracked to the fork where we made a right. After a good cycle, Daddy saw this cool glass lift and we decided to check it out . Before I went up the lift , something yellow caught my eye and I went closer to see what it was . I realized it was a Korean OBike ! It was nice to see something from Singapore. the lift was so nice ! It even had a air conditioner inside. I tried to turn it on but the switch was too high. We followed the trail on past a garden with pink and purple flowers . After the garden , we entered a small town , Yeoido. After a while of cycling, we stopped a playground with a mini-roller coaster. we walked to the nearby mini-mart to get a snack. We decided to go to the spa/resort. After cycling for a bit, we almost had no hope of finding the stamping booth. However , I saw a sgin where I could stamp my paper and we stamped our paper here . We cycled on to cross the bridge . Before that bridge, we saw a green bridge full of trains ! we then continued on to figure out how to cross the bridge to go to our accommodation . We found it and daddy laughed at it .

I Guess daddy thought it was very ‘Ah Beng’ . We then crossed the road to see the place. Daddy was quite worried that we could not park out bikes. Luckily , that problem was solved! The place was closed for renovations till the 20 of October . We then went to find a motel . we saw some of them, but they were very unwelcoming . I then recognized a nicer motel by the name of sky motel . We entered and asked for a room but the old lady did not want to let us stay because of the bikes. We walked to the motel next to it called Apple Motel. The lady at the clerks desk was happy to let us stay and we got a room. Today was a great day , and we decided to end it off with a nice dinner.

We did not even need to order! after dinner daddy went to get a can of gas at GS25(convenience store )and we got ourselves a treat too! we reviewed our trip and realised we had cycled more than we expected ! we the settled for a good nights sleep and got ready for tomorrow!

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